Office 365 gets a new App Launcher

Man oh Man, Microsoft keeps pushing out updates to Office 365 like the world is getting ready to end. One of these great new features is the new App Launcher. As Microsoft keeps adding new products and services to its Office 365 offering, they needed a better way for users to find new and recently used Apps. The new App Launcher lets the user customize how they want the layout. If you are on Windows 10, then this layout will look very familiar.

The new app launcher has 3 tabs or sections, Home, new and All.

The Home tab lets a user organize the apps in any fashion that they want. They can make their favorite apps large, or small, or even wide if they choose.



They can rearrange the apps how ever they want by just clicking on the app and dragging it to the spot they want it to be placed. And, if you do not use an app, you can delete it(it will still be in the “All” tab and you can add it back to Home tab if you want to)










The other two tabs are very interesting. You have the “New” tab that will show you any new apps installed. This is great for all users because of the fast pace of things getting added to Office 365. A user can also visit the Microsoft store by clicking a link at the bottom of the launcher. And then of cause, the last tab is “All”. Here a user can see all the apps installed on their Office 365 tenant. Its arranged just like your Apps button in Windows 10. You can search for apps by the search bar.


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