Microsoft has a new home for the Office 365 Network

Over the past few years, the official Office 365 Network has been on an External Yammer Network. I remember when I joined that network, it already had about 30,000 members. I remember watching the numbers grow of members of this site. At the time of this writing, the network has almost 90,000 members. That is a lot of members. The Office 365 network is the best place for any Office 365 user to go to get help. No matter if you have a questions, or just a comment, or just want to hang out and read the announcements from Microsoft. If you are an Office 365 user, and want to know when a new feature is coming, or just got released, this is the place you need to be. There is no other place where you can post a question and get an answer from either another Office 365 user, or a Microsoft MVP, or even an engineer from Microsoft. I mean, how cool is that, and where else can you go an post a question and have the actual Product Manger at Microsoft, the one that runs the team for that product, to answer you. The only place you can do that is on the Office 365 Network.


Well, as I said earlier, this network has always been on Yammer. Anyone can join the network, but you must sign in. Some people did not like that and I can understand that, so starting last week, there is a new home for the Office 365 Network. It is no longer part of Yammer. You can now get to it by going to


Now, before you go right over there and start posting your heart out, you should read some guidelines. Here is a post from Anna Chu , the community Manager from Microsoft:


  • The Office 365 Network Guidelines outline the mission and expected interactions of this community.  To make this community a great place for all members, read this before creating your first post.
  • The Getting Started Guide provides a step-by-step outline on how to get yourself ready to create your first post!  If you need help logging in, completing your profile or creating your first post, this is the guide to read (good news – you don’t have to be logged in to read it!)
  • The Community Discussion Board is where you can ask questions about the Public Preview experience of the Office 365 Network and any noticeable changes.

You can read more from Anna by clicking here