Microsoft Giving away more free space for SharePoint Online

Microsoft is updating the default space you get with SharePoint Online.

Since Office 365 was released back on June 28th 2011, if you purchased SharePoint Online, either stand alone or in a bundle, you would only get 10Gigs for the tenant(Subscription), and 500mb per user you add. So, if you have 10 users, that would be just 5 extra gigs.

We have seen the space for the MySites (Skydrive Pro or OneDrive for Business – whatever we are calling it today) grow from 7Gigs, to 25Gigs, to purchasing “Up to 1TB”, to what it is today, 1TB (soon to be unlimited), but the Sites space has always stayed the same. Until Now…

Microsoft just updated its Roadmap, and under the “In-Development” section, they now say they are going to be giving 1TB for the tenant (Subscription) and 500mb per user. This is great news because that 10GB was kinda laughable. Storage cost these days is super cheap, and the amount of storage Microsoft has, its about time they updated the sites. This means more space for users to use the Team Sites and stop trying to use a users OneDrive for Business as a company share drive.

The other reason this is great news is because the new “Office 365 Groups” feature has a Files section. That is a private document library that is just for that group. This group space is pulled from the tenant storage. So, this upgrade is well worth it.


My prediction – SharePoint Site space will be Unlimited by the end of the year. Now this is just my prediction, I have not  heard this from anyone, read about it, talked about it… This is just what I think will happen. We shall see.


For more information, keep up to date with the Office 365 Changes by following the Office 365 roadmap located at