OneDrive for Business Sync Client for OSX released!!!

The long awaited wait is finally over for Mac users on Office 365. Since Microsoft released Office 365, Mac users have been angry, very angry. See, Microsoft gives free cloud storage with an Office 365 subscription. It started out with 7gigs, then went to 25gigs, then it went to 1TB, and just a few months ago, it was announced that Microsoft is going to give Unlimited storage in OneDrive for Business. This was received with open arms for windows users, but Mac users just got angry because there was no way to sync this document library down to the users machine, until today.


Today, Microsoft is letting the public download the OneDrive for Business for OSX Preview release. Now this is not the final release, but more of an open beta. So far, it has been received very well. If you follow the Office 365 Community, or the Office 365 Network on Yammer, you will see that users are really happy that the program is working the way it is. So far, most people, are reporting no issues. This is really great considering its a “beta” or “preview”.  Microsoft still has a long list of improvements that are coming. One of the biggest ones is the sync to the Team Sites. Right now, with this OneDrive for Business Preview, Mac users can only sync their Personal Drive and cannot sync the Team Sites. This is a real let down because the Team Sites is where most users put their documents to collaborate with the rest of the users in their company. I know this is on the “Known Issues” list and it will be addressed soon, I just hope its not to long of a wait.

You can download the OneDrive for Business OSX client here


*Update – Adding download links