Microsoft starts to Roll out the new Video Portals

Today, Microsoft is starting to roll out the new Office 365 Video Portals to First Release customers. In order to get on this First Release schedule, you must have the First Release button enabled in your tenants. One of the ways you know you will be getting it real soon is if you go into your SharePoint Admin Center, you will see 2 new SharePoint site collections already created for you. If you are not part of the first release, the rollout should be to you by early calendar year 2015.

The new Site Collections look like this



The new Office 365 Video Portal is just the first in this new “Next-Gen Portals” that Microsoft is rolling out to its Office 365 customers.


You can read more about the new Office 365 Video Portals by checking out the Microsoft Office blog.

As always, Microsoft will hold a “YamJam” on yammer to cover the new Office 365 Video Portals. The YamJam for the Video Portals will be held on November 20th, at 9am PT. If you have never been to a YamJam, you should. Its a great place to go to get information about a specific product. You can ask questions to the actual Product group from Microsoft that was involved in making that product. This YamJam will be held on the Office 365 Community network on Yammer. If you are not a member, you need to go sign up by clicking here. Once you get on the Yammer Network, you can find a tremendious amount of information on Office 365. There are also a few other YamJams that you can search for on older products they are rolling out.