Microsoft releases “Clutter” for Office 365

Today, Microsoft is starting to roll out a new feature to Office 365 business customers called Clutter. Clutter will help the user focus on what is important to them in the users inbox. Clutter is designed to learn the habits of the user and removes emails from the inbox that are distractions to the user. If you reply to a user a lot, it knows this is a good email and on the flip side, if you ignore emails a lot, it will not show you those emails (don’t be scared, you can click on the “clutter” mailbox to see all messages).


In the beginning, the clutter technology could make a mistake here and there, but as the user uses his mailbox, clutter will learn the actions of the user and it will not make those mistakes again.


Clutter will be turned off by default, but you can turn it on by going into Outlook OWA, click on the gear on the top right, and go to options. On the left menu, you will see “Clutter” under the Automatic Processing section. Once you turn it on and save it, you will see a new folder in your OWA called “Clutter”. This is where you will see all of your mail, and your inbox will be clutter free.


You can read more about this on the Office blogs at