SharePoint Online Storage Quota set to “Auto”

Today, Microsoft released a great new feature for SharePoint online.

Before today, when a user signed up for SharePoint Online, the default storage quota was set to 1Gig per Site Collection. This confused a lot of customers that are not IT savvy or did not have an understanding on how to setup SharePoint Online. The customers would just login and click “Sites” and go and start building their SharePoint sites, and then all of a sudden, they would get the error message “This site is out of space”.

Now, I know at the company I work for, AppRiver, this would generate a lot of trouble tickets to our support department. We had to do a remote session with the customer and show the user how to adjust the Storage quota and make them understand what the SharePoint Storage Pool was. Most would just allocate all the available storage from the storage pool into the main Site Collection, some would only allocate a small portion.

Allocating the storage quota this way makes it a nightmare for a Sharepoint Admin. They would have to keep an eye on the site collections to make sure the site collections either had enough storage and the site was not growing too fast, or they would have to purchase more storage before the customer ran out.

Well, this new fix will help with one of those issues.

With this new update, the SharePoint Admin can now set the Site Collections Storage Quota to “Auto”. This will now let the storage for that site collection grow as the site grows. No more allocating 10 gigs here, 10 gigs there. Now you can just set it to Auto and leave it alone.

Now, this still will not help you or your customer from running out of space.

I think this is a great new feature, please comment below and let me know what you think.


P.S. – Click here to check out the Office Blog on this subject with Screenshots.