Passed – MCSA: Office 365

To earn the MCSA:Office 365 Certification by Microsoft, you need to pass the 70-346 & 70-347 exams. Both of these exams are pretty difficult to study for because Office 365 is such a moving target. Microsoft rolls out new features all the time. That can be a good thing for customers/user of Office 365, but if your trying to study for an exam, by the time you take the exam, some of the questions might be wrong. Now, the answers were right at the time the exam was written, but by the time you take the exam, the answers could incorrect due to them being out of date.

Back in March, I went to the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Wow, what an amazing experience, but will save that for later. Before I went to the conference, the MCSA:Office 365 Exams were 70-323 & 70-324 (I believe). As I started looking for material to study, those two exams were discontinued. Now they were replaced with 70-346 & 70-347. So, at the SharePoint Conference, Microsoft had all exams at 50% off. So, I figured, that i will just go ahead and take one and if i fail, i fail. Its will be a great learning experience and I will know what to study, because up to that point, there was not much study material. So, I took the 70-347 and to my surprise, I passed.

So, to make a long story short, 4 months later, I took the 70-346 and just passed that one too.

Now I hold the MCSA:Office 365 Microsoft Certification.

Just thought I would share. I was pretty excited. LOL