Microsoft updates OneDrive app on Android to work with OneDrive for Business

Today, Microsoft rolled out an update to the OneDrive app on Android to include connection to the users OneDrive for Business account.

Now users can use one app to connect to both their personal OneDrive account, and if they have a OneDrive for Business account, they can use the same app to connect to it. Before today, users would have to have two separate apps installed. One for the Personal OneDrive, and one for the OneDrive for Business account. This is a hassle at times because users either forget which account they are storing documents in, or they get confused with login errors or many other things.

Hopefully this is a change that will soon come to the iOS and windows phones.

You can get 15Gigs free with the Personal OneDrive, and 1TB with a OneDrive for Business account. That is a lot of storage.

Check the OneDrive site for more information on plans.

To read more on this Android app update, check out the OneDrive blog.