How to increase Users SkyDrive Pro storage to 50Gigs/100Gigs

By default, each licensed user on SharePoint will have 25Gigs of SkyDrive Pro Storage. This storage is used for the licensed users personal documents and can be found by clicking the SkyDrive link in the Top Link Bar. Last month, Microsoft increased the users SkyDrive Pro storage from 7Gigs to 25Gigs. This is free storage for each licensed user. If the users want to increase there SkyDrive Pro Storage, the extra storage will come from the SharePoint Tenant Storage. If the tenant does not have enough available storage to increase the users SkyDrive Pro, then the customer must contact sales and ask for an increase in storage for there SharePoint Site. Once the storage is available in the SharePoint Admin Tenant, then the Admin can allocate that storage to a users SkyDrive Pro.

Check Available Storage

Before you begin, you need to make sure there is storage available in the SharePoint tenant. Go to the SharePoint Admin Center

Once your in the SharePoint Admin Center, on the Site Collections tab, you should see how much space you have available to allocate to other SharePoint Site Collections or SkyDrive Pro. Check your space here and if there is not enough space available, please contact Sales to have them increase your Storage.

Once you do have available storage, you can go to the SharePoint Admin Center and click on SkyDrive Pro. Once your on this page, all you need to do is type out the name of the user/users you want to allocate extra Storage to in the box.

After you add the users name to the box, you can use the DropDown to allocate how much space you want to give this user. You will see on the top right how much space you have available. Once you select the amount of space for the user, then click Save. It will show you the Current Usage of the users SkyDrive pro, and what the Size will be. Once your finished, you will see that your available space has decreased. If you need more space, you must contact our Sales Department.

Checking the SkyDrive Pro Usage for a user

Once you allocate the SkyDrive Pro for a user, you can check the Web Analytics Report for that user to see if the Storage has been allocated to the user. In order to get to this page, you need to change the URL to a hidden URL. You can click "SkyDrive" at the top link bar that takes you to the users SkyDrive site. Once you are there,your URL should be something like At the end of the URL, you need to type /_layouts/15/usage.aspx.. So the full URL will be


Once you type that URL, it will take you the the users Summary page. On this page, you can see How much storage is being used, and how much storage you have available. If the extra storage does not show up right away, give it a few minutes. It should not take long to show up.