How to manage permissions for Document Libraries,List,Calendars and Folders

Each document library, list, folder or calendar and have its own unique permissions. By default, the permission set on any list or library is to use the permission of the parent site. Once the site is created, any list or library you add, will pull those same permissions. At times, there could be cases that you want to hide or share a list/library with others. Maybe you want to have it so only a few can see it, or maybe you want to change the permissions so everyone has read access only to that list/library. This guide will show you how to manage the permissions of a list/library.

Step 1 – Login to the SharePoint site as an administrator or a user with full control

Once you login to your SharePoint site, Navigate to the List/Library you want to mange permissions for. Click on the List/library in the quick launch bar. Once you click on the list/Library, you will then need to click on the "Library" tab in the Ribbon at the top.

Once you click on the Library tab in the ribbon, navigate to the far right and click on "Shared With"

Next,click on the Advanced link

On this next page, this shows you the permission for this list/library. As you can see, this list/library inherits permissions from the Parent Site. If you want to change the permissions, the first thing we need to do is stop inheriting permissions, so click on Stop Inheriting Permissions.

Click OK on the dialog box that pops up. This is just a warning to let you know you are getting ready to break permissions for this list/library.

Once you break inheriting permissions, you will now see that this list has "unique permissions". You can not remove all the users/groups that you do not want to have access to this list/library. Do to this, just put a checkmark in the box next to the users/groups you want to delete and then click the "Remove user Permissions".

Once you remove the users/groups you want to not have access to this list/library. you can now hit the "Grant Permissions" button to give access to a user/group.

Once you hit Grant Permissions, a box will pop up. Here, you can add a users name or email address. The SharePoint server should automatically find the person or group you want to add. You will see by Default, this screen will give the user "Edit" permissions. Once you add the user/group do the box, if you hit "Share", by default, it will send the user/group an email.

If you do not want to send the user/group an email, hit the "Show Options" button (As seen from the previous Screenshot above), and then uncheck the "Send an email invitation. Hit Share if everything is correct.

If you do not want to give the user/group "Edit" permissions, you can use that drop down to choose what permission level you would like to assign to that user/group. Once you have made your selection. Hit Share.