Office 365 gets a new App Launcher

Man oh Man, Microsoft keeps pushing out updates to Office 365 like the world is getting ready to end. One of these great new features is the new App Launcher. As Microsoft keeps adding new products and services to its Office 365 offering, they needed a better way for users to find new and recently used Apps. The new App Launcher lets the user customize how they want the layout. If you are on Windows 10, then this layout will look very familiar.

The new app launcher has 3 tabs or sections, Home, new and All.

The Home tab lets a user organize the apps in any fashion that they want. They can make their favorite apps large, or small, or even wide if they choose.



They can rearrange the apps how ever they want by just clicking on the app and dragging it to the spot they want it to be placed. And, if you do not use an app, you can delete it(it will still be in the “All” tab and you can add it back to Home tab if you want to)










The other two tabs are very interesting. You have the “New” tab that will show you any new apps installed. This is great for all users because of the fast pace of things getting added to Office 365. A user can also visit the Microsoft store by clicking a link at the bottom of the launcher. And then of cause, the last tab is “All”. Here a user can see all the apps installed on their Office 365 tenant. Its arranged just like your Apps button in Windows 10. You can search for apps by the search bar.


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Microsoft has a new home for the Office 365 Network

Over the past few years, the official Office 365 Network has been on an External Yammer Network. I remember when I joined that network, it already had about 30,000 members. I remember watching the numbers grow of members of this site. At the time of this writing, the network has almost 90,000 members. That is a lot of members. The Office 365 network is the best place for any Office 365 user to go to get help. No matter if you have a questions, or just a comment, or just want to hang out and read the announcements from Microsoft. If you are an Office 365 user, and want to know when a new feature is coming, or just got released, this is the place you need to be. There is no other place where you can post a question and get an answer from either another Office 365 user, or a Microsoft MVP, or even an engineer from Microsoft. I mean, how cool is that, and where else can you go an post a question and have the actual Product Manger at Microsoft, the one that runs the team for that product, to answer you. The only place you can do that is on the Office 365 Network.


Well, as I said earlier, this network has always been on Yammer. Anyone can join the network, but you must sign in. Some people did not like that and I can understand that, so starting last week, there is a new home for the Office 365 Network. It is no longer part of Yammer. You can now get to it by going to


Now, before you go right over there and start posting your heart out, you should read some guidelines. Here is a post from Anna Chu , the community Manager from Microsoft:


  • The Office 365 Network Guidelines outline the mission and expected interactions of this community.  To make this community a great place for all members, read this before creating your first post.
  • The Getting Started Guide provides a step-by-step outline on how to get yourself ready to create your first post!  If you need help logging in, completing your profile or creating your first post, this is the guide to read (good news – you don’t have to be logged in to read it!)
  • The Community Discussion Board is where you can ask questions about the Public Preview experience of the Office 365 Network and any noticeable changes.

You can read more from Anna by clicking here

MobileExcelWebAccess Feature – Error

So earlier this week, something happened in SharePoint online that made users get an error when they tried to create a site from a site template. Even if they have created sites before with no issues, now they have error when they try to create a site. The error that pops up looks like this





After visiting, I noticed that a few others are posting the same thing. All have the same story how the site templates use to work, and now they don’t. Soon after posting, Microsoft released a Service Incident and it started showing up in the Service Health Dashboard. The issue has been fixed so far on the Microsoft side, but I am still seeing some of our customers at AppRiver still  have the issue.


If you still have the issue, Microsoft has provided  us a script to fix the error. Before you run the script, you need to download and install the SharePoint Online Client Components SDK (if you do not already have it. You can get that here

You can get the script and read how to fix this error here on the Office 365 Network

Also, Mahe posted on his blog another way to fix it. You can read that here



My Top 5 features of Office 365

Office 365


I wanted to create a list of my top five features of Office 365. Some of these you may know about and some you may not. I hope this article gives you some good ideas on how you can make better use of Office 365. I will be doing some write ups on each of these individually soon, but this is just a quick list of my top five features. Tell me what are your favorite parts of Office 365.

1.Office 365 Groups

◦This has to be my favorite feature of Office 365. With the release of Office 365 groups, there should never be a reason you use distribution list again. When you create an Office 365 group, it will automatically create an email address.
The email address will be formatted as By default, the group will only accept email from inside your organization’s network, but you can check a box that will allow people from outside your origination to send email to the email address.
When you first create the group, it will not go to the user’s mailbox like a traditional DL does. You can check a box in the settings that will send the email to a user’s mailbox, and then this will make the group function exactly like a DL does.
Now, the best part about what Office 365 groups do that DL’s do not is that when you add a new user to the group, let’s say six months later, the user can go into the group and view all the old emails. If you were using a traditional DL, then you will have users searching their mailbox to forward all the emails to this new user. Doing this takes up so much time and the user will have to repeat this process for any new user they want to add to the group. That is why even if you just wanted to create some DL’s, just use Office 365 groups instead.
Also, it does not hurt that an Office 365 group comes with its own OneDrive for Business, OneNote, Calendar and last, you can add Connectors to the group. This is a great way to have programs connected to the group, like RSS or Twitter.


2.Office 365 Video

◦At the time of this article, Microsoft has just purchased a new streaming service called—you guessed it—Stream. You can read more about Stream here.
With Office 365 Video, you can setup your own company video portal. It’s kind of like a private YouTube channel just for your company. When you upload your video to Office 365 Video, the video actually gets uploaded to Azure Media Services and it creates several different resolutions. This is great because you can use the Office 365 Video app on your mobile device, or you can use the Web browser, from any location in the world and view your company videos.
With the extra resolutions, the service will monitor your connection to make sure you are not slowing down and if your bandwidth gets to start looking slow, the service will change to a lower resolution so you do not buffer. You can also grab the embed code from the video portal and paste that code in SharePoint.


3.Unlimited OneDrive for Business

◦This is only for customers on an E3, but if you are on an E3, you get unlimited OneDrive for business storage. When your account is first created, you have 1TB of storage. You can run a PowerShell command to increase that to 5TB. The PowerShell command is:

◾Set-SpoSite -identity -StorageQuota 5242880

◦Once you use the PowerShell command to increase your ODFB storage quota to 5Tb, if you use up 90% of it, you can open a support request to Microsoft and they will add you another 5TB and the cycle continues as you use it up. So, you get unlimited, but it appears in 5TB increments.


4.Office 365 Planner

◦Planner is a new app that just got released to the public. Planner will help you keep track of your task and project management. It has a great interface that lets you see charts and graphs of plans (projects) and the task associated to those plan. Planner actually integrates into Office 365 groups which was the first item I spoke about in this article and is my favorite feature of Office 365. With Planner, you can assign task to users and once a task is assigned to a user, that user is added to the Office 365 Group.



◦Delve is probably one of the most underused application on Office 365, yet it is one of the best applications you should be using. Delve is powered by the Office graph. It’s a self-learning system and it only gets better as you add more content to your sites and libraries.
I have included a link to the Office Graph so you can click it and read all about it. It is truly amazing.
Anyways, back to Delve. Delve lets a user see all his documents he has access to see in one place. No matter if the file is in your own OneDrive for Business, any of the team site document libraries, any of the Office 365 groups libraries, any of the Office 365 Video files, or even any other users OneDrive for Business.
The last one is very important because at the time of this writing, there is no way for a user to see files that are shared with them from others OneDrive for Business folder unless they log into the browser and click the “Shared with me” button. Microsoft recently released a Delve app for Windows 10. You can read my blog on that app here.